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[Deposit Promo]4 month online celebration Aug-17-2018 07:59:43 AM Hello
Its 4th month online for coinzinc,we are already receive $41802801.23 investment and paid over $22802929.61,its big success for our trading team,we are develop different strategy when bear market but we are still earn more profit when we short or long bitcoin.so our member million dollars from our work also our team earn a lot ,its win-win solution so we like to offer you big deposit bonus when we are online 4 month.

We would like to offer you 3 day deposit promo
(Valid from Aug 17th,2018 to Aug 20th,2018)

If you deposit $300~$1000 so you will get 25% Bonus.
If you deposit $1001~$3000 so you will get 35% Bonus.
If you deposit $3001~$10000 so you will get 45% Bonus. (first 10 members every day)
If you deposit $10001~$30000 so you will get 55% Bonus. (first 5 members every day)

Bonus will credit to your account after you make deposit.
(Click the link to make deposit and grab your bonus right now.)

Best Regards
CoinZinc CEO,Henry Johnson

Advcash is disable by advcash company Jul-31-2018 11:25:48 AM Hello

Due to advcash policy,our sci is disabled.as you can see many site is not able to deposit again ,so we are waiting response from advcash company.Dont worry about it ,you can withdraw your advcash earning at any time.

Best Regards
CoinZinc CEO,Henry Johnson
[Grab Your Deposit Bonus]World Cup Bonus Jun-28-2018 12:04:33 PM Hello
Its great time to offer bonus for World Cup,We watch World Cup games every day,defending champion Germany has been eliminated,its a sad story,but we look forward to the emergence of new champions,wish your favorite team to win the championship.also hope you can win a lot on world cup.

Best Regards
CoinZinc CEO,Henry Johnson
Coinzinc Server is Upgraded Jun-21-2018 04:53:15 PM Hello

We are just upgrade our server to a high level hosting ,its will able to allow more user to access coinzinc.com,our team will try our best to improve our service,if you have more question,please let us know.

Best Regards
CoinZinc CEO,Henry Johnson
[Celebration]CoinZinc 2nd Month Online Deposit Bonus Jun-12-2018 10:25:35 AM Hello

Its 2nd month online for CoinZinc,we already paid over $11204968.14 and receive $16791697.21 investment,its great leap for Coinzinc,also our members earn huge profit also we are earn a lot from short bitcoin,ltc,eos,ont also altcoins.we will make more profit in the the furture whatever cryptocurreny goes up and down,we will make profit and share with our members so we like to start a deposit bonus for 3 days.

Best Regards
CoinZinc CEO,Henry Johnson
Server and Instant Payment Restored. May-4-2018 04:15:28 PM Hello

Due to ddos-guard hosting is under maintenance so its cause access slow and pending payment,we are contact with ddos-guard customer service and the are try to restore it ,its take about 6 hours and fixed finally. so our server is restored also instant payment,please dont need worry about it ,you can try to withdraw now ,thanks for your concern about it.

Best Regards
CoinZinc CEO,Henry Johnson
Coinzinc Is Officially Launched Apr-2-2018 01:46:59 AM Hello

I'm CoinZinc's CEO, my name is Henry Johnson. our company's main direction is to trade the cryptocurrency and bitcoin mining.we've been preparing for a year, and our engineers and our trading experts also our customer service are ready to deal with all kinds of customer problems. Our goal is to help customers risk-free from the cryptocurrency market to complete trading and achieve target profits.

You don't need any skills, you only need to spend the minimum 5 dollars to start your investment, and test whether CoinZinc is your partner willing to cooperate for a long time and you will get the highest profit more than 18% hours per hour.And we pay instantly, no wait. only need to wait 1 seconds to receive the money in your wallet

Affiliate program
You can earn money through an affiliate program. You can get 3%~5%~10% Commission. If you invite your friends or family members to make investment plans through your link, you can also build your own team to promote CoinZinc.so you can obtain long-term stable income.

We accept Bitcoin, Litecoin Ethereum, Perfect Money, Payeer, Advcash.

If you have any further questions about the plans, please do not hesitate to consult our online customer service or email us. we will reply your question as soon as possible.

Best Regards
CoinZinc CEO,Henry Johnson

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